World’s Largest Doner Kebab

In 2011 Kismet Kebabs had the idea to attempt to make the world’s largest doner kebab. The task itself seemed impossible at first but with the help of all the employees the kebab was made.

First we started to think about how large we wanted to make this kebab. After much thought and planning we decided that we had to build this kebab to the largest possible size we could. We designed the kebab to be just over 6ft tall, any larger and it wouldn’t been able to have been moved.

It took our team of 42 employees to produce the world’s largest kebab in just an amazing five days.

Once the kebab was completed on the fifth day, it stood at an amazing 6ft 3 inches and weighed just over 2,000 kg (4410lb or 314stone). Taller than any of our employees.  

To cook this kebab we would have to manufacturer a machine to fit the kebab. Unfortunately we could not find a company to produce such a large machine. After coming so far to produce the kebab we really wanted it to be cooked. We were then approached by the British army who suggested that there was a chance they could cook this kebab. Unfortunately they were not able to cook the kebab.

On the 16th June 2011 the army invited us to attend the Parachute Regiment’s medal parade at Colchester’s Merville Barracks and cook the kebabs for all the troops and their families.

The day turned out to be a huge success and it was a pleasure for Kismet Kebabs to have the opportunity to show our support for the troops.

Peter Micheal, our managing director, said on the day, “My motivation in making the giant kebab was to do something spectacular to show our support to our troops, who put themselves at risk in all our names. The guys deserve all the praise and support we can give them and feeding them today is just a small gesture from my company.”, “The Army looked at ways to cook it and decided that it couldn’t be done, and if these guys can’t do it no-one can! Instead we set up a kitchen at the barracks and cooked 2,000 kebabs fresh for free, and would happily do the same again to show my support for the Army.”

Captain Kevin Finch, who is in charge of logistics at Colchester Garrison, said: “We are very grateful to Kismet Kebabs for their generous support to Colchester Garrison and The Parachute Regiment’s medal parade. It is a great morale boost to know that we have the support of local businesses. The kebab the company has made is a magnificent achievement and we are happy to have played a small part in setting a record.”