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We are also one of only a handful of HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) producers in the UK to provide kebabs for our Muslim Communities

Kebish Supreme (HMC Doner Kebab)

Made in the conventional way but everything from the meat used to the manufacturing the kebab is monitored by HMC inspectors. This kebab contains extra spice to cater for our Muslim customers.



Definition of Halal:

Based on “General Guidelines for Use of the Term Halal” (CAC/GL 24-1997 1) issued by the Secretariat of the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standard Programme (1999), Halal food is defined as food permitted under the Islamic Law and should fulfil the following conditions:

1. does not consist of or contain anything which is considered to be unlawful according to Islamic Law;
2. has not been prepared, processed, transported or stored using any appliance or facility that was not free from anything unlawful according to Islamic Law; and
3. has not in the course of preparation, processing, transportation or storage been in direct contact with any food that fails to satisfy 1 and 2 above.


All lawful land animals should be slaughtered in compliance with the rules laid down in the Codex Recommended Code of Hygienic Practice for Fresh Meat (CAC/RCP 11, Rev.1-1993.) and the following requirements:
1. The person should be a Muslim who is mentally sound and knowledgeable of the Islamic slaughtering procedures.
2. The animal to be slaughtered should be lawful according to Islamic law.
3. The animal to be slaughtered should be alive or deemed to be alive at the time of slaughtering.
4. The phrase “Bismillah” (In the Name of Allah) should be invoked immediately before the slaughter of each animal.
5. The slaughtering device should be sharp and should not be lifted off the animal during the slaughter act.
6. The slaughter act should sever the trachea, oesophagus, main arteries and veins of the neck region.


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